It started out as a beautiful clear day. It was bright and hot and felt like late August does in Lexington, South Carolina. A group of us had gathered to witness a rare celestial event, and we were excited but tentative. The weatherman had been so gloomy in the week preceding that we didn’t trust this clear blue sky.  So we hung around, sipping on drinks stronger than usual for a Monday afternoon, and occasionally checked on the progress of the moon surreptitiously with our ISO certified safety glasses, being careful not to let the clouds see how much we cared, and anticipated.

As the moon slid over the sun, the sky slowly darkened but still weirdly glowed on the horizon in all directions. And the sun was still quite hot, even after being reduced to just a toenail sliver peaking in and out of the clouds. We all watched and waited some more. Then the cicadas started to sing, and as the clouds faded off, and the sky darkened suddenly and the sun flickered brightly for a split second, and then it turned black. Birds scattered from the trees, the cicadas roared, and the rest of us watching just stared up and oohed and awed. A solar eclipse is a spectacular sight to see… totally.

Total_Solar_Eclipse_2017_250-C copyTotal_Solar_Eclipse_2017_235-B copy

Thanks so much to the Repkos and to Irene and Bob for being such generous and entertaining hosts! It was great fun – we should do it again sometime.

~ August 21, 2017




Perched up above the city center on the slopes of Signal Hill is one of the oldest, and certainly most colorful areas Cape Town; the historic neighborhood of Bo-Kaap.

In the early days of Cape Town most houses were painted white, but after the end of apartheid in the 1990’s some people in Bo-Kaap began painting their houses in bright colors as a way of celebrating, and the idea caught on and developed into a new tradition throughout the neighborhood. Most residents of Bo-Kaap are descendants of slaves brought to South Africa by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th centuries. And in spite of coming from many different regions such as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and various African countries, the slaves were all known as Cape Malays. Then in 1795 the British seized control of Cape Town from the Dutch, and a few decades later came the end of slavery. The emancipated slaves started their new community in Bo-Kaap, which is still commonly called the Malay Quarter.

In this new era however things may be changing for Bo-Kaap. As it has gained notoriety, its new found popularity may be its own undoing as long-time residents are being priced out. Many wealthy outsiders have been buying up properties, and if this continues, Bo-Kaap’s unique identity could be lost forever. So If you have the chance don’t miss Bo-Kaap while it’s still a sight to see.


Cape Town Color_0619-IG copy

Cape Town Color_0636-IG copy

Cape Town Color_0633-IG copy


It was pouring rain as the parade was getting started, but that didn’t stop so many creative artists and performers from making a great show of the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island this year. The rain eventually did let up, but the sun never quite made it  (mermaids aren’t afraid of a little water anyway)! Thanks to all of the talented and generous people who allowed me to take their photo.  See more of my Mermaid photos at!Coney Island _2017_3614 copy

Coney Island _2017_3610 copy

Coney Island _2017_3592 copyConey Island _2017_3680 copy

Coney Island _2017_3618 copy

Coney Island _2017_3775 copy

Coney Island _2017_3753 copy

Coney Island _2017_3689 copy

Coney Island _2017_3797 copyConey Island _2017_3626 copy

Coney Island _2017_3795 copyConey Island _2017_3710 copyConey Island _2017_3789 copy


Dirty Coins_IG copy   I collected all of the dirty, painted, or discolored coins that I found over many years and made this photo. TD Bank used it for display signage advertising their coin counting service in some of their Manhattan locations (licensed from my stock agency at the time, Corbis Images). So I dropped all of the coins in the machine at    my local TD Bank and got clean money in return… I’m starting a new collection now. TD Bank Coins_03


These images are all from road trips of my past, when I had a camera that made square photographs with analog film, before digital and Instagram. This was from when I drove a car all the time, and my girlfriend Brig wouldn’t mind if we wandered off the main road and allowed curiosity to be the compass, before GPS. It was before my travel companion became my wife and before we moved to New York.

By revisiting these images I’ve traveled back in time in a sense, and they look different now. Originally I was drawn to the textures and colors of decay, and the long shadows of the late afternoon sun.  I made these photographs to try to capture something I saw as beautiful and fleeting, and to preserve it before it was gone. So now I look again at the images after 20-some years and I think I’ve succeeded in a way, because I see in them a memory of my wife and me as our younger selves.

I think it’s okay to look back once in a while as long as we remember to keep moving forward… or even sideways, off the main road.

Nova Scotia_05-B copy
Abandoned Mansion, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 1991
Baja_1992_011-B copy
Desert Auto, Baja, Mexico 1992
Baja_Cactus_Shrine_1992_08-E copy
Cactus Shrine, Baja Mexico, 1992
Baja_Car_Modern Ruins_04-Blog
Desert Auto, Baja, Mexico, 1992
Nova Scotia_Crooked House_09-C copy
Dream House, St, Mary’s Bay, Nova Scotia, 1991
Nova Scotia_Green Room_021-D copy
Green Room in the Dream House, Nova Scotia, 1991
Nova Scotia_Toilet_018-F copy
Dream House Toilet, Nova Scotia, 1991
Baja_Crossroads_1992_025-C copy
Crossroads, Baja, Mexico 1992
Baja_Dead_Cow_1992_01-G copy
Still Life of Cow, Baja, Mexico, 1992
Baja_School_Bus_1992_09-E copy
School Bus Carcass, Baja, Mexico, 1992
Baja_Dead_Horse_1992_07-E copy
Still Life of Horse, Baja, Mexico 1992
Baja_Pepper Truck_27-C copy
Wreck of the Pepper Truck, Baja, Mexico 1992
Cadillac_Ranch_Texas_1990_04-D copy
Cadillac Ranch, Texas, 1990
Junkyard_Tractor_05-C copy
Junkyard Tractor, Harmony, Pennsylvania 1990
Junkyard_Engine_09-C copy
Junkyard Engine, Harmony, Pennsylvania 1990
Baja_1992_05-E copy
Car Door on a Barbed Wire Fence, Baja, Mexico 1992
Nova Scotia_Car Wreck_1991_01-E copy
Seascape with Burnt Car and Wildflowers, Nova Scotia 1991
Wonder_Nova_Scotia_1991-S copy
Wonder Trailer, Nova Scotia 1991