It started out as a beautiful clear day. It was bright and hot and felt like late August does in Lexington, South Carolina. A group of us had gathered to witness a rare celestial event, and we were excited but tentative. The weatherman had been so gloomy in the week preceding that we didn’t trust this clear blue sky.  So we hung around, sipping on drinks stronger than usual for a Monday afternoon, and occasionally checked on the progress of the moon surreptitiously with our ISO certified safety glasses, being careful not to let the clouds see how much we cared, and anticipated.

As the moon slid over the sun, the sky slowly darkened but still weirdly glowed on the horizon in all directions. And the sun was still quite hot, even after being reduced to just a toenail sliver peaking in and out of the clouds. We all watched and waited some more. Then the cicadas started to sing, and as the clouds faded off, and the sky darkened suddenly and the sun flickered brightly for a split second, and then it turned black. Birds scattered from the trees, the cicadas roared, and the rest of us watching just stared up and oohed and awed. A solar eclipse is a spectacular sight to see… totally.

Total_Solar_Eclipse_2017_250-C copyTotal_Solar_Eclipse_2017_235-B copy

Thanks so much to the Repkos and to Irene and Bob for being such generous and entertaining hosts! It was great fun – we should do it again sometime.

~ August 21, 2017



8 thoughts on “GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE 2017

  1. Thom you are very creative not only did I enjoy seeing the pictures but I felt like I was in the moment with your spectacular commentary.. You should publish a book someday.

  2. Mr Lang, I did not realize you embody the qualities of a wordsmith in addition to your visual talents. Thanks for sharing the experience in such an immersive way. I will find my way to totality on the next go round, I hope!

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